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UNIPOE Overseas After-sales Service Policy
Dear customer:
Thanks for choosing our products. UNIPOE provides free warranty service 2 years from the shipment date of the products. Remark: 2years warranty for free, lifetime maintenance;
To ensure your largest benefits, please read the following terms carefully.
Warranty Service terms:
1.The warranty only applies for the device itself. The package, cables, software, data and other accessories are not included. Packaging, various cables, software products, technical data and other accessories are not covered here.
2.Free warranty service
Within the warranty time, if there are any problems on our items, which we are responsible for, the certain item could be delivered to the after-sales center in the headquarter of            UNIPOE IOT Technology Co., Ltd. in Dongguan. Then, it will be get repaired and delivered back to the client. We will undertake the single-way freight. Below is the Freight standard for your reference:

3. Other protocol requirements
If the item has any faults which in the warranty coverage and has to return back for repairing. Please first estimate the return & re-shipping costs. If the shipping costs will beyond the cost of the device itself, we will not suggest you to send it back. The new item or repair parts will be sent to you at once if needed. For the new item is possible to have some defects like Engineer prototype/Display prototype or some appearance defects. Please kindly understand that it will not affect the normal use.
4. Other matters not mentioned herein should be subject to the mutual agreement.
5.The following situations are not in the free repair service, note that UNIPOE provides chargeable service.
● Don’t install, use, maintain the product according to our instruction, which results in the damage of the product.
● The free replacement and maintenance period is expired.
● The bar code is obliterated or scratched.
● The product is not compatible with the model or bar code in the warranty card.
● You change the set up file by yourself or open the product to repair it without UNIPOE permission.
● The product is damaged by accident or by human behavior, such as inappropriate voltage input, high temperature, water penetrate, mechanical disruption, be dropped and break, severe rust and so on.
● The product is damaged during the shipping period when you send it back to our factory for repair.
● Damage by earth, Fire hazard, flood, lightning stroke and so on.
● Other damage not caused by the product’s own design, technique, quality.
4.Technical support service
If there is any question about the products or the quality, please contact the online service for support. The online service is 24 hour service. Meanwhile, the technical engineer will reply and provide solution in an hour after receiving the consultant from customers. Technical Support:
Remarks:  reserves all rights including interpretation and modification to this warranty policy.
5.The final interpretation and modification rights of the after-sales commitment belongs to UNIPOE IOT Technology Co., Ltd.

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