You can enjoy a smoothly internet surfing with stable and widely covered wireless signal offered by UNIPOE access point.

PoE Switches

In order to make your IP surveillance system saving-cost, high efficiency,Our PoE Switch can meet the goal of date transmission and the power supply over 100metre and equipped with Gigabit Uplink port, power output of Per port up to 32Watt, easy to power HD IP Camera and transmit data of HD video.

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PoE Splitter

PoE Splitter separate and electricity from the network cable and restore internet data transmission and power supply. UNIPOE has many types of PoE splitter with different power from the minimum 12W to the maximum, among of them, 60W PoE Splitter can totally be able to power the PTZ camera which fills a market void of big power Splitter.

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UNIPOE can provide you wireless AP compliance with power supply by PoE supply and DC, flexibly adapt to working environment, same times features strong and widely covered signal, which can fully meets your demands no matter for private or business use

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Long distance transmission and Stable connection

2.4G frequency signal launched by UNIPOE wireless product is longer over transmission distance and more stable in network, stability of signal is a key index for hotel, entertainment place, and restaurant, 2.4G still remains a main follow.

Construction and maintenance easier

UNIPOE’s intelligent power supply PoE switches and wireless products, plug and play, a network cable are able to solve signal and power expansion,easy to install. The network construction is more efficient and convenient and centralized management make the operating more easily!

Intelligent , flexible management style.

UNIPOE PoE web smart and AC internet surfing behavior management, can safely and flexibly control surfing behavior, settling network failure and pleasant surfing experience has been guaranteed for users.

Quick response and professional technical support

Our technical team are always online 24 hours a day 7days a week, and provide you the professional suggestion.

They are now using UNIPOE PoE Switch

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